Board Of Directors

Title Area of Responsibility E-mail
Joe Kaplan,
Oversight for Hexagon as a whole: the show, the people, community interaction
Charles Williams,
Audience Relations VP

Ticket sales, house management, box office, patron database, concession sales, theater events, parking
Steve Dasbach,
Production VP

Show management, direction, casting, and technical aspects; Hexagoners
Nicholas Bashour,
Member Services VP

Membership recruiting, member newsletter, dues collection, member database, social events
Gyr Turshen,
Beneficiary VP

Charity solicitation, selection, and liaison
Jamie Breckenridge,
Operations VP

Facility manager, website, overall operations
Robert Teachout,
Marketing VP

Publicity and public relations, advertising, program production and ad sales, sponsor solicitation
Howard Goldblatt,

Corporation finances and accounting
Ellen Kaplan,

Meeting minutes and corporation document maintenance
Kathy Suydam,
Past President
Historian and adviser to the President